There are Blogs, Bloggers and then the others

Bloggers, there are plenty of us.

Fact is some blogs and bloggers are better than others, with the noticeable front-end differences being image quality,

and the way some bloggers words flow on the page and hold your interest.


First disclaimer…I’m not an expert blogger.


After all the years I remain a ‘blogger in training’ learning and doing better with each new post.


With that said I want to share a few things I learned about blogging while attending a recent Mastermind.


You might see it as basic stuff we all know, yet few will do it consistently and if we cut corners around these points

we’ll pay the price.



Here we go: when you post your content online about anything you quickly see there is plenty of competition already.


Just when you thought your great idea with a new twist would go viral, you go online and see there’s plenty of what

you plan to roll out already on the Internet on the very topic!


Do you stop?

No way!


Because that competition means there is demand.


All the more reason why your content and posts must have a few common components in order to reach your

target audience on a regular basis.


To do this your post must:

  • Be compelling.
  • Hit the mark and be on target.
  • Speak to the pain points of your target audience.



Keep those 3 points in mind, but also keep in mind that your reader is not going to hang around very long.

Don’t expect your audience to do much searching through your post for a valuable piece of information

embedded deep in your content.


After all, they’re busy, but willing to give you a piece of their time for you to hit them with something they can

see as a benefit to them.

In other words, part of your job is to make it easy for them to find what you what them to discover.


Be strategic because you have thousands of competitors trying their best to get a front row seat with your prospect.


Make the best use of your time, stay productive during your

commute time to work, during lunch or with breaks. There’s space in the work day for you to collect constructive

thoughts that you can edit later.

The Internet is full of your target audience so don’t go off on a different trail and write about things way out in ‘left field’

and leave your readers empty.  Do this too many times and it will be tough to get them back into the fold.


Years ago I would do that because I didn’t understand that just because my content sounded good to me,

it didn’t necessarily address the pain, or fill the need, my target audience was experiencing at the time.


This Mastermind gave me an outline of core items I needed in order to lay out a road map for me to follow,

keeping me on track to create the right sense of order in my content.

Here are just 5 of the key points I learned

Push to Publish a Post

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the ‘3 Ps’.

What you do with your blog takes time when you do it right.

Don’t rush through it just to have a post.


Unclear Goal in Mind

Decide what it is you want to accomplish, whether it’s to:

1) Generate leads; 2) Create awareness for future product offerings;

or 3) Acquire new customers.


Creating Content for you, not the Reader

This one might hurt a little, but most readers don’t really want to read about your struggles and what you

had to go through all those years.  In their mind they have a need, and they want to see if you can fix it, or scratch their itch!

Tell them your story once, then move on.


Missing the Main Points of Your Target Audience

Survey your audience once or twice a year and find out what they want to read and then write and tell them

what it is they want to hear.  Your first post after the survey could be to report on your findings from the survey.

Then, over time, prepare blog posts that will touch on the survey points you received from you audience.

Talk about serving the needs they just told you in the survey.


They will Quickly Forget what you just Posted

Don’t stop with a single post to your blog.  If you follow your road map and follow the paths to think through

and create a good piece of content that will provide value to your audience, don’t think all of your audience

will see it, not just now, ever!


After posting new content to your blog, use it again and share it with your email list, and broadcast it to them.

Go in and see who opened it and re-send to those that did not open the first time.


Then use multiple social media channels:

  • Go to Facebook and post it there.
  • Link it from your Twitter account to your blog post.
  • Use your Instagram page
  • Don’t forget Youtube.
  • Facebook Live…broadcast and touch on the main points of what you just posted to your page.
  • Ask to do a guest post on a friend’s blog.


With this sharing activity across multiple channels you could get

some SEO juice that will push your work out to larger audience, longer.


Final thoughts to keep in mind to be consistent.

That means whether you post to your blog daily, a few times a week, or bi-weekly,

you have to show up because your audience expects you to be there to deliver.


Set your road map and follow it as you create content:

  • Don’t rush through it.
  • Don’t drift around on content.
  • Don’t post in one place. Use other social media.
  • Don’t make it about you.
  • Don’t think you know your audience, survey.


To your success,



Frank J. Hudacek

Diamond Consultant



P.S. Here is a comprehensive platform blogging platform that is built around your own CRM,

with lead capture funnels that you design, your custom blog (that you assemble), front-end and

back-end offers, plenty of training and coaching, and more.

This alone, in itself, is all you need to have a success online business. You don’t need anything else!

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